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Can well chosen music create a positive bond between the brand and its customers?

Of all the human senses, the brain responds the quickest to the sound. Hearing affects people’s actions at every single moment. Music activates parts of the brain associated with emotions, motivation, planning and rewards. In-store customer behaviour studies show that more than 80% of customers very quickly notice whether music is playing in your business or not.

Brand fit music as an integral part of your brand

Swedish professors Daunfeldt and Rudholm investigated in 2017 how much music affects customer’s shopping behaviour in restaurants. The study “The Impact of Music in Restaurants” compares the effects of pop music with the so-called brand fit music. What is brand fit music? Music selected specifically for the given business, adapted to corporate identity and targeted directly to the customer. It’s music that “feels” like the brand. Because sound is unique to the brand, it helps to build stronger and longer-term relationship with its customers. One of the results of the study was, that thanks to Brand Fit Music, the sale of desserts increased by more than 15%. The outcome of the study brought primarily the finding that brand fit music increases sales and builds a relationship with the customer.


Several other studies of the impact of music on the customer’s behavior have also clearly shown that music adapted to customer demography (age, gender, level of income, etc.) and psychological aspects (lifestyle, personality, purchasing behavior) can significantly help create a positive bond between the business brand and groups of customers which the music selection is targeted on. For example, properly mixing the positive, unknown music with music that customers perceive as their favorite, has a stronger impact on generating a positive response from customers than in the case of playing of unknown or popular music. From this finding we can conclude, that the best recipe for music in restaurants, but also in other businesses, is a mix of well -known, i.e. popular songs with unknown specifically selected songs, satisfying the profile of a particular business.

Solution from Songoroo

This finding has led the Songoroo developers to create an in-store radio, which, thanks to its algorithm and the possibilities of direct interaction with customers of the individual businesses (using the Songo-Mobile Application), can automatically create a playlist adapted to a specific venue on one side and to the crowd present at that moment in the same venue on the other side. With this, the generated playlist ensures maximisation of the potential of music which positively affects the customer, helps to establish customer’s relationship to the brand and, last but not least, increases income when the customers stay longer and also come back again gladly.

About how the Songoroo Algorithm works, how the playlists are creates and what is unique about Songoroo in comparison to the competition you can read on our website:

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