Intuitive & user-friendly setup

Take a first step and see for yourself how simple it is to have Songoroo running in your place

Our priority is simplicity and clarity for end user. Therefore, even the most complex processes and features we implement, result in easy to understand and maintain solutions. We achieve that by paying close attention to end user perspective and comfort by our developers in every stage of designing of our systems and consulting the UX experts for further improvements.

Once you decide you would like to try and see Songoroo Smart Music solution advantages in your location, the whole registration and setup process will take less than 10 minutes.

Required setup steps


User Account Registration

Our registration process is quick, straight forward and self-explanatory:

  1. Click on the registration button.
  2. Input a few necessary information about your company
    and location chosen to run Songoroo.
  3. Submit.

We offer 14-day free trial period for you to check whether Songoroo Smart Music solution meets your expectations. You can cancel the subscription anytime during the free trial period – no risk and no strings attached.


Songoroo streaming solution installation

During the registration process you will be able to choose whether to use your own device (e.g. laptop) or Songoroo Music Streamer to manage music reproduction in your business location. The second option comes with no additional cost (in case of Premium subscription) and we highly recommend it due to various additional benefits. Songoroo device will be shipped to you immediately after the registration process is completed and will require just a simple installation.

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Venue description

As soon as Songoroo account registration is completed, you can start streaming music in your location(s). We strongly recommend though, to take a few additional steps in order to best present your business location(s) to your customers via Songoroo mobile app. Just login to your Songoroo account and look for system notifications, which will prompt you to add a short info about your business, opening hours, picture etc. All these information will be visible to your customers via Songoroo mobile app.

Optional Customisations

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Songoroo app features

Songoroo mobile app gives your customers variety of options on how to influence music playlist in your location(s). However, it is entirely up to you to decide to which extent you would like to allow your customers to influence music playlist.

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Playlist customisation

We offer an extensive list of pre-defined playlists fitting various types of businesses. In case you could not find anything matching your needs or would like to have your own playlist, there is an option to create customised playlist for every location.

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Audio marketing campaign

Songoroo’s audio marketing tool is a perfect way to inform your customers or employees about important news, discounts or any other commercial messages you would like to share or broadcast.

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Customised feedback

Songoroo app users can rate every location, in which Songoroo is installed. Our Premium customers are able to customise questions given to Songoroo app users and this way get feedback related to topics which interest them the most.

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