Reporting & Business Intelligence

Turn Songoroo data into Insight – Learn what your customers & employees really want

Despite the undeniable fact that we are living in a digital era, many companies still underestimate the importance of customer related data and are not taking full advantage of them. The more data are businesses able to collect from different sources, the greater the understanding of their customers. When was the last time you looked at specific reports showing you customer retention overview? Do you regularly collect feedbacks from your customers in order to make your business even more successful?

Thanks to our mobile app, user detection functionality and sophisticated data analytics, we are helping our business clients to make better decisions around acquiring and retaining their customers as well as managing the relationship with them which then consequently helps to increase their sales.

Customer focus


Customer Demographics

Highly valuable data providing a demographic overview of customers visiting your business location(s).


Customer retention

Reports providing overview of behavioural patterns such as returning customers, loyalty, time spent in your location(s), etc.


Customer feedback

Reports presenting customer feedbacks on specific business locations, their services, staff, ambience or other aspects defined by the business owners.


Advertisement statistics

Reports providing crucial insight data evaluating various marketing campaigns or sales strategies used in your business location(s) in certain period of time.

Songoroo Smart Music


Songoroo app usage

A set of reports providing important insights into usage of Songoroo app features by your customers and employees.


Music preferences

Comprehensive information about music preferences of all Songoroo app users who visited your business location(s).


Songooro Dashboard

Web based, customisable dashboard providing you with immediate status and high-level historical information about selected metrics relevant for your individual business location(s) or combined for the whole chain.


System performance

Reports providing information about Songoroo system status, stability & performance.


How to use
Songoroo data?

Having tools and procedures to obtain various types of data related to your business activities is, no doubt, very important. But it is just the first step on the journey to transform data into the boosted top line. All reports created by our Business Intelligence experts are designed in a user-friendly way ensuring simple and intuitive navigation.

To showcase the potential of the Songoroo reports, we list here a few use cases your Sales and Marketing specialists might find beneficial for their activities:

Change daily menu in your restaurant, reshuffle merchandise in your shop or opening hours in certain locations for specific period of time, etc. and see in our customer behaviour focused reports how your customers reacted to this change.

Create an audio campaign for your own or your business partner’s products or services and try out different marketing scenarios in different locations. Use our reports to support the results evaluation of these scenarios by comparing type and frequency of the audio commercials in each location, considering also other relevant variables such as location, size, customer demographics, etc.

Create customised questionnaires in Songoroo app and ask your customers to send you their feedback. Analyse received information and take actions to improve the areas where you scored the lowest.

Analyse the usage of Songoroo app by your customers or employees and see how they react to the music you have chosen for them. Adjust music playlist to fit their music taste and evaluate customer satisfaction or employee engagement again after a certain period of time, using customised Songoroo questionnaire function.

Promote usage of Songoroo app in your locations to secure the critical mass in order to get relevant results for your analysis. Analyse demographics, retention patterns and other reports based on user detection details. Identify behavioural patterns and adjust sales strategy based on identified structure of your clients and their habits or preferences.

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