Interactive music solution for your business

Create a unique music atmosphere tailored for
your brand. Customise the playlist for every business by engaging your customers in music selection.
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Interactive in-store music solution

Portfolio of music playlists customized to broad range of businesses, user-friendly admin dashboard goes without saying. However, we do believe your customers know better than you, your employees or even our professional Music Editors what kind of music they want to listen.

We are offering a unique solution keeping the overall control in your hands but at the same time solving the puzzle with selecting the right music fitting to your customer preferences, resulting in a pleasant customer experience which comes naturally with increased sales.

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Songoroo mobile apps

Songoroo is neither a passive in-store radio nor a jukebox. We developed a platform which combines the best from both concepts, providing the business owners with variety of tools to set appropriate rules and restrictions to what kind of music can be played in a venue, but at the same time presenting their customers with the opportunity to influence music playlist. Taking customers’ preferences into the consideration in a fully automated fashion is exactly what differentiates Songoroo from other in-store radio providers.

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Account & music
management dashboard

Songoroo is easy to setup and allows you to manage all your businesses through your Songoroo account. Simply use our dashboard to assign the user roles, manage the communication towards your customers and music playlists, fine tune the Songoroo app features and much more.

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Audio commercials and messages

Songoroo equips you with a tool enabling the administration of the audio messages in your business at no extra costs. You can easily upload your own messages and commercials and set rules where and when these should be played. If you don´t know where to start, our team of experts is ready to support you with production and management of your commercials and messages. Just let us know.

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Simple installation, simple setup

Do you want to hear Songoroo playing in your venue right now? No problem at all. You can have it up and running in just a few minutes. Simply register, decide which subscription plan suits your needs the best and choose a music playlist from our broad predefined selection.

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Versatile and flexible
usage and scalability

Do you a run small family owned restaurant or a multinational company with many locations Worldwide? We have a solution suitable for businesses of all types and sizes.

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Customer behaviour analytics

Do you want to know what music was played in your locations? Or are you interested in the usage of the Songoroo app features by your customers? Thanks to Songoroo functionality, we offer a wide range of analysis which could help you to better understand the music taste of your customers, what they think about your business or how they interact with each other.

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