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Songoroo´s success depends
on satisfaction of our customers

Thanks to the innovative approach we took in bringing music to various businesses, our customers experience substantial boost in working atmosphere, customers´ loyalty and last but not least - employees´ productivity and engagement.

Marek Dudáš

Songooro CEO & Founder


There is one universal language understandable to everyone. It generates positive emotions and atmosphere and helps to shape business brand. This language is music. Thanks to its unique algorithm playing music according to customers´ preferences, Songoroo speaks this language, making it to an exceptional marketing tool. Songoroo is truly elegant, smart solution in segment of music reproduction in public places.


We have Songoroo ON 24/7. What I consider to be its biggest benefit is increased productivity and joy at work. I have even done a little experiment and added music to our kitchen. A lot of communication and shouting is happening there and everything has to be in perfect sync. We have never had music there before. Now, with Songoroo, I see our employees for the first time stamping their feet in the rhythm of the music and smiling. This is very important to me. Satisfied employees and satisfied customers.


Frankly speaking, I think Songoroo is just a brilliant idea! This project has a worldwide potential. I hope soon we will be able to use Songoroo app outside Slovakia and Czech Republic as well. I really wish all the best to this project.


Client Interview

Martin Galát, Co-owner, Café Škodovka

client-interviw client-interviw

Client Interview

Martin Galát, Co-owner, Café Škodovka

How did you manage music in your café before you came across

Škodovka has had its own, very specific playlist since its opening. Songs were mainly Czechoslovak from the 70's and 80's. The playlist was compiled by a DJ and uploaded on an iPod. The big disadvantage was the work with individual songs but also their quality. Then Songoroo came.

Songoroo is an in-store radio for businesses. What were your beginnings with us?

Songoroo approached us and after a short meeting we were convinced. In a short time, Songoroo sorted everything out for us. We agreed on the terms and conditions and expectations for our playlist. After that we received a demo device for a trial period, which we simply connected to the audio system in our café and the music started pouring in.

What Are The 3 Main Benefits Of Having Songoroo In Your Coffee Shop?

Above all, all the hassle around music and musical background was eliminated. Just turn on audio system in the morning and turn it off in the evening. All songs have a smooth transition without any ads.

How do you rate Songoroo over time? Do you have feedback from your employees and customers?

Customers do not directly perceive the musical background, as we are not a bar or a club. But, of course, music plays an important role during the time the customers spend with us. We also left the creation of playlists to Songoroo. Everything went quickly and smoothly there as well.