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Songoroo did not stop playing in 2020

We've all been through uncertain times. 2020 was probably going to look a little different for all of us. The Corona virus has affected lives, the economy and, of course, business. Songoroo, however, hasn't stopped playing. Operations are gradually returning to normal. We are recruiting new customers who have decided to elevate their business and offer customers and employees the possibility of in-store radio that will accompany them throughout their day.

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Songoroo news and updates in year 2019

Year 2019 is in full swing and everyone has thrown themselves to work with new energy. Songoroo doesn't stand behind and comes with other improvements to Songoroo app's functionality. What improvements can you look forward to as a business owner and vice versa, how will Songoroo be enjoyed by customers in your business?

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Songoroo advanced to the podium at WebSummit 2018

Great news to start this week with. In addition to preparing for the October bootcamp of the largest FutureNow Conference, we advanced to the next round at WebSummit - Lisbonne Portugal, chosen among other 160 startups from 2000 presentations.

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Songoroo goes to the Lisbon WebSummit 2018

We always try to seize every opportunities to promote Songoroo, so we have signed up for the largest startup event in the world. The result? We are flying to present in November!


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