Songoroo did not stop playing in 2020

We've all been through uncertain times. 2020 was probably going to look a little different for all of us. The Corona virus has affected lives, the economy and, of course, business. Songoroo, however, hasn't stopped playing. Operations are gradually returning to normal. We are recruiting new customers who have decided to elevate their business and offer customers and employees the possibility of in-store radio that will accompany them throughout their day.

Fully automated system for your business

Songoroo is still one of the best interactive radios and offers a wide range of music that can be played also in your business. The Songoroo in-store radio installed in your premises combined with the Songoroo application in the mobile phone of your customers and employees, allows you to inform customers in an innovative way about your activities, opening hours or news. On top of that, all users physically present on your premises have the chance to evaluate the music being played. It’s completely free for iOS and Android platforms.

We will help you create your own music brand that will significantly support your business environment. How? Take a look at the new video we have prepared for you how Songoroo works and do not hesitate to contact us. More exciting news coming soon! 

Welcome to Songoroo from Songoroo on Vimeo.

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