Songoroo news and updates in year 2019

Year 2019 is in full swing and everyone has thrown themselves to work with new energy. Songoroo doesn't stand behind and comes with other improvements to Songoroo app's functionality. What improvements can you look forward to as a business owner and vice versa, how will Songoroo be enjoyed by customers in your business?

Details of the venue and option to add a venue to your favourites

In the near future, our customers will be able to fill in the details of their business, where they have Songoroo in-store radio installed. The Songoroo application will allow them to inform their customers in an innovative way about their plans, activities, changes in opening hours or news that they are preparing for them.

Continous expansion of our music database

The Songoroo database contains thousands of songs that the Songoroo algorithm adds to the playlist. We follow current trends in music and we also listen to our customers´ requirements, so we regularly improve our database in quantity and quality.

More details in your profile

Users of the Songoroo application will be given the opportunity to add additional information about themselves in their personal profile. In addition to choosing your favorite genres of music, bands and songs, everyone will be able to fill in their “ABOUT”, thanks to which Songoroo will better understand the user’s musical preferences. The completed personal profile in the Songoroo application allows us to automatically add the user’s favorite music to the playlist wherever Songoroo is installed.

Admin access for our customers

An improved admin access for business owners is also being prepared. Simple login with the option of selecting default playlists and later also access to basic statistics on the activity of customers and songs played.

Team Songoroo

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