The playlist does not match with songs played by Songoroo device

The Songoroo service is set in a way, that short-term Internet outages should not negatively affect the quality of our service. However, in the event of Internet outage or an overloaded network for a few minutes, the playlist in the Songoroo mobile app may not match with music currently playing in the respective location. If you use a web-stream solution, it is even possible that music will not play at all as offline mode is not possible while using our web-stream solution.

In case this mismatch occurs, it is necessary that:

  • You have checked that Songoroo streamer or your own device, through which you use the Songoroo service, is connected to Internet,
  • You verify that the speed of your Internet connection hasn´t dropped. The required speed for smooth music streaming is 1.4 Mbit/s, i.e. 175 KB. If your Internet connection doesn’t reach this speed, please identify the cause of the drop in Internet speed and try solve it.

If the above mentioned isn’t the cause of the problem, try to unplug and plug back the streamer into the electric socket. After a few minutes, the device shall automatically re-boot while the cause of the malfunction should be solved. If that hasn’t helped either, please contact our technical support at or call +421 915 884 382.