Sending messages to my customer’s mobile devices

Songoroo platform provides very useful tool how to communicate with your customers. Songoroo allows you to send messages and push notifications to the mobile devices of your regular customers who have the Songoroo mobile application installed. Please note that regular customer is considered anyone who has been identified by our system in your location in the last 30 days. As soon as you send a message to the customers of a specific location, all customers who opened Songoroo mobile app during their stay in your place in the last 30 days will receive a message. On top of that, they will receive a push notification, telling that they have a message from you in Songoroo mobile app.

Instructions on how to send messages to customers of a particular location:

  • Log in to your Songoroo client account,
  • Go to the section Communication With Customers> Messages to Customers,
  • Select the type of message and location on behalf of which the message will be sent,
  • Write the message and click on the “Send a message” button.

Immediately after sending the message, you will see the number of Songoroo mobile app users to whom the message was delivered. The more actively your customers use Songoroo mobile app during their stay in your places, the more powerful tool for communication with them you will have in your hands.