How to create a customized customer survey

Please note that Songoroo app users are able to give every location their rating, using general survey consisting of 5 basic questions.  Getting customer feedback via Songoroo mobile app is valuable tool you can employ in your business to be able to align your business with customer expectations.

If you have ordered a Premium subscription plan for a certain location, you have the option to keep general survey or to create own custom survey, consisting of specific questions you want to ask your customers. In order to make own survey, please follow be below instruction:

  • Log in to your Songoroo account,
  • In the left side menu, go to the section Communication with Customers > Venue Survey,
  • On this screen, click on button “List of questions” to review questions available. If you want to add any other specific question, do it there. Please note that maximum number of questions in one survey is 5 questions,
  • If you have all questions you want to put into survey, click on the “Add new survey” button and fill in the name of the survey, assign questions, locations where the survey should be displayed, specify the period in which this survey will be displayed to your clients in Songoroo mobile app,
  • Once you have filled in all the relevant data, click on the “Generate Survey” button, which will create a new survey for you, which will be listed in the list of surveys. You can further edit, deactivate, or delete a survey prepared in this way at any time.

After the end of the period set for your own survey to be displayed for the specified locations, the Songoroo mobile app will switch back to the default survey with 5 basic questions.