How to create a custom playlist

Besides choosing one of pre-defined music playlists, it is possible to create own playlist, customised for each of your locations. To do so, please do follow the below instructions:

  • Log in to your Songoroo client account,
  • In the left side menu, go to the section Venues > Venues List,
  • Search for the location where you want to set custom playlist and click on the section showing currently active playlist. Please note that you can access the screen for playlist selection also by getting to the location detail screen, clicking on the “Active Playlist” button,
  • In the screen for selecting playlists, click the button “Venue custom playlist”, what will get you to the list of all genres that are in the Songoroo database,
  • Select genres that you want to have in custom playlist. We recommend choosing a wider range of genres for the diversity of the playlist, but also to make sure Songoroo algorithm can work without any restrictions due to limited amount of music tracks, especially when selecting uncommon genres,
  • Once you have selected (checked) all the genres that suit your preferences, click on the “Generate playlist” button. Subsequently, a playlist for the given location will be generated an active immediately.

You are able to edit the custom playlist at any time, the procedure is the same as for creation of custom playlist. If you want to change the playlist to one of pre-selected, you can do so and return back to your custom playlist later.

Please note that custom playlist must be generated for each operation separately.