How to create an audio campaign

Creating audio advertising campaigns is only possible in locations for which you purchased the additional service called Audio Messages. Audio messages can be ordered at any time, either for operation with the Basic or Premium subscription plan.

Creating an audio campaign consists of 2 steps. You must firstly upload your audio spots to the database and then create the campaign itself. To create new audio campaign, please follow below instructions:

  • Log into your Songoroo client account,
  • In the left side menu, go to the section Communication with Customers> Audio commercials where you can find the list of all audio campaigns of your company,
  • In the upper right corner, click on the “List of audio spots” button, you will get to the list of spots of your company. If you want to add a new spot to the list, click “Add Audio Spot”, add spot in requested format and fill in all required data,
  • If you’ve already added all the audio spots you want to include into your new audio campaign, return to the screen Audio Commercials and click the “+ Add new campaign” button,
  • Fill out all required information, select the date, time, and location where the audio campaign should play, and click “Save Campaign.” The newly created audio campaign will appear in your company’s audio campaign list.


  • You can include several audio spots into one audio campaign, which will alternate, i.e. after the last one is played, the first audio spot will follow,
  • Spot frequency means how many tracks are played in a location between individual audio spots. For example, in case of spot frequency 5, the audio spot is played, followed by 5 songs from the playlist, and then the audio spot plays again. If you have included 2 audio spots in the campaign, the first spot will be played first, the second spot after 5 songs and then the first spot again after another 5 songs,
  • Audio campaigns may not overlap in time in a particular location. Thus, you can have multiple campaigns set up for the same location on the same day, but individual campaigns must not overlap at times. Reason is to be able to set diverse campaigns for a specific times within one day.