Songoroo is bringing innovations in technology, targeted advertisement, big data analytics as well as direct interactivity with customers. In the direction towards the customers, this mix builds a platform which can easily reach all customers of our partners with targeted audio commercials and ads. In the opposite direction it allows to collect priceless data as a response of the customers to this marketing activities. Undeniably, the access and consequent analysis of such data is what matters the most as a basis for relevant business decisions. Songoroo music platform is modern, advanced and very effective and cost-efficient marketing tool that will definitely find its place in your basket of marketing tools you can offer to your customers.

What do we offer

  • Access to customer base of our business partners who use Songoroo platform as their music provider, which can be addressed
    through audio ads and commercials.
  • Targeted ads in form of visual banners in Songoroo mobile app, customised based on various demographical criteria, e.g. gender,
    age, education, etc…
  • Access to our Business Intelligence database and analytical outputs describing the success rate of your marketing activities as
    well as various valuable report, e.g. customer behaviours.

You as a Marketing partner would

  • Integrate Songoroo into your marketing tools portfolio,
  • Help us to connect with your customers, who are potential users of Songoroo products and services.
  • Cover part of Songoroo marketing activities related to the campaigns prepared in a joint effort.

Our expectations

  • You are well established in markets you would like to cover and maintain a solid network of potential customers ready to use
  • our network of businesses and locations to promote their products or services.
  • You will support us in further improvement of marketing capabilities of our music platform.
  • You are open minded and ready for a long lasting partnership.

Interested in what we offer?