How to respond to customer feedback

Thanks to the Songoroo mobile app, your customers have the opportunity not only to influence music playlist in your location(s), but they can also submit their feedback to questions/topics predefined by you. You can find customer feedbacks for every location in Songoroo mobile app or in your Songoroo client account. If you feel some particular customer feedback should be responded to, you can do so as follows:

  • Log in to your Songoroo account,
  • Go to the section Venues > Venues List and select the location where you want to add your comment to customer feedback,
  • In section Venue Rating of the location details screen, search for the respective feedback, using filters if needed,
  • After clicking on the feedback you want to reply to,  you will be able to see it’s details, including customer responses to individual survey questions,
  • Type in your comment and click “Reply” button. Your customer will be notified in Songoroo mobile app about your response. Your comment will also be visible in the Songoroo mobile app in the location detail.