Songoroo is a new music solution, which brings innvoation in terms of technology, targeted advertisement, big data analytics as well as direct interactivity with customers. Our biggest advantage which is setting us apart from our main competitors is the possibility of interacting with people, who as customers matter the most. While we are focusing on connecting with customers, the others are merely focusing on providing the background music in a passive way.

As we are still in a relatively early stage of our growth, there is an exciting opportunity for business developes and sales reps to intorduce our unique music solution to the market and participate in our mission to become the global leader in our business segment.

What do we offer

  • a fair percentage of profit margin generated in agreed regions
  • support with local business development initiatives
  • access to all available marketing materials,
  • coverage of all costs related to acquisition of local music, customisation of Songoroo systems and Songoroo app to match
    market requirements
  • access to our sales analysis and reporting tools
  • 24/7 tech and sales support
  • intensive trainings for your team with the focus on technical and product specifications.

You as a Business developer would

  • represent Songoroo in agreed region(s), offering Songoroo portfolio to business customers in line with our marketing
    and sales strategy
  • help us to connect with new potential marketing or business partners in the region(s)
  • manage daily sales and customer support function
  • cover part of Songoroo marketing activities related to local campaigns created by you
  • take part in global Songoroo business development and growth discussions

Our expectations

  • you are well established in markets which you would like to cover and posses a solid network of potential customers who would
    be interested in our products
  • you have sound experience with business development in our business segment. Ideally you would integrate Songoroo into your
    existing product or service
  • you can work independently and develop locally tailored marketing or even product solutions to adjust to local market specifics

Interested in what we offer?