Songoroo is bringing innovations in technology, targeted advertisement, big data analytics as well as direct interactivity with customers. The direct interaction with people is also the biggest advantage which is setting us apart from our main competitors. There are many in-store radio providers offering pleasant background music, but we set a much more challenging goal for ourselves: to unite your customers and employees with your brand, your products and services using music and the atmosphere created by this music.

What do we offer

  • Integration of Songoroo into your solution. We can certainly help your own platform with some interesting and attractive features.
  • Access to the pool of our streaming devices installed at our customers´ locations as a platform for your own IT solution.
  • Access to big data such as music metadata, customer demographics and behaviour data relevant for AI and machine learning, data related to music preferences categorised by various criteria, etc…
  • Integration of your music streaming hardware into Songoroo solution.

You as a technology partner would

  • integrate your software or hardware solution with Songoroo,
  • help us to connect with your customers as potential users of Songoroo products and services,
  • grant us access to IT platform(s) helping us to reach out to business clients or their customers.

Our expectations

  • You have an innovative solution, beneficial to our growth with respect to market penetration or range extension of services we can offer to our partners and their customers.
  • You are open minded and ready to establish a long lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

Interested in what we offer?