Songoroo is an innovative solution, introducing a unique approach how to bring music to its listeners. Other in-store radio providers are merely providing background music, even if pleasant, in a passive way. We offer music listeners an active participation in the music selection and consequently listen to what they actually really like. The technology employed in our solution and outputs from our Business Intelligence help us to better understand music preferences of those who actively participate. Based on these, we are able to better target the right audience, in the right time and in the appropriate environment.

What do we offer

  • To help to increase the awareness of your (new) music creations. We can target a specific audience according to your preferences such as age, location, business type or date and time.
  • A platform to broadcast your music in the locations of our business partners.
  • Analysis and reports regarding the success of your music, broken down to selected segments by chosen criteria.

You as a Music Label / Independent artist would

  • Present us the rights to air your music within the Songoroo platform free of charge.
  • Send us regular updates regarding your new productions.
  • Work with us on various supporting campaigns promoting your music and Songoroo as a platform bringing your music to the public.

Our expectations

  • You are open minded and ready to establish a long lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.
  • You promote Songoroo via your social media network.
  • You help us to connect with institutions and companies you work with regularly to add them to our customer and partner portfolio.

Interested in what we offer?