Adjusting to the musical taste of the customers

High quality in-store music is more and more tailored to the musical preferences of the majority of your customers. This does not only affect customers though but also the employees themselves. So what's the secret? ...

First of all, it is a personalised approach to individual businesses. Each has a different target group of customers. Different age, different background, different lifestyle. From students, through blue and white collars to seniors. Songoroo specifies a certain music playlist, which is suitable in terms of genre and style during the day. However, several parameters are important, which we pay a lot of attention to. 

Music intensity

Currently, most sound intensity is regulated manually. Songoroo makes sure that the intensity is not too high. Slovak companies are used to musical “noise”, which in some cases can even be damaging for health. Excessive sound intensity can cause problems, whether for seriously ill people or for example autistic children, who are very sensitive to sound and noise. The customer should always clearly understand the spoken word. We adjust the installation parameters accordingly. 


Statistics, licenses and legislation at your fingertips

For us, a satisfied customer is still our highest priority. Satisfied customers spend more time in your place, and a high quality background music definitely helps to create a higher level of satisfaction. Several psychological studies show that if a person is in an environment where his/her favorite music plays, he/she spends more time there. It is also increasingly likely that he/she will return there again. Besides sorting the music out for you, Songoroo is also managing all licensing legislation. Of course, there is also feedback for our customers in the form of statistical information, which they will then be able to practically use in business development.

The perfect combination of music with the interior design, using the right materials, colors and technology is very important. We are glad that we already have customers in Slovakia who consider this connection of individual senses in their businesses to be key and have jumped on our wave of the musical revolution. 


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