Customer Spotlight – Café Škodovka

We have prepared a series of short questions and answers with our customers to showcase how easy it is to work with Songoroo.

Café Škodovka in the heart of Bratislava will magically take you back to the 70s and 80s of the last century. With its interior, themed music and the culinary specialties on a plate. We talked with the owner, Mr. Martin Galát, about how Songoroo helps them to complete this atmosphere 

How did you deal with music in the cafe before Songoroo came across? 

Café Škodovka has had its own, very specific playlist since its opening. They were mainly Czechoslovak compositions from the 1970’s and 1980’s. We had a DJ who was playing the songs from his iPod. The big disadvantage was the work with individual songs but also their quality. Then came Songoroo.

Songoroo is an in-store radio for businesses. What were your beginnings with us?

We were approached by a sales person from Songoroo and after a only a short meeting we knew this is what we want. On top of that, the sales representative managed everything for us. We agreed on the terms and conditions for our playlist, received a demo device for a trial period, which we simply connected to our amplifier.

How do you rate Songoroo over time? Do you have feedback from your employees or even customers? 

Customers do not directly perceive the musical backdrop, as we are not a bar or a disco. But, of course, it is a very important factor during the time that customers spend with us. We also left the creation of further playlists to Songoroo. Everything went quickly and without any problems.

The atmosphere in Café Škodovla is the most important thing 

The atmosphere is really important in every café. Ours adds uniqueness and completes a pleasant experience from a retro environment that you just won’t find that easy anywhere else.

Have you ever lost it with a song that you couldn’t listen to anymore and had to remove it from the playlist? 🙂 ?

I don´t think so 🙂

What are the 3 main benefits for you of having Songoroo in your coffee shop?

In the first place, all the worries about the musical background were eliminated for my colleagues. Just turn on the amplifier in the morning and turn it off in the evening. The playlist is adjusted according to the current season and according to the agreement with Songoroo. All songs have a smooth transition without any unwanted ads.

You can find Café Škodovka on Medena Street in Bratislava and you can follow them at:

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