Songoroo – Music for your business without bureaucracy

An innovative music system that automatically plays your customers' legal music.

We all know that very well. Bureaucratic processes have been here for a long time and most probably won´t disappear any soon. However, in business one big principle applies: simplify processes for your customers as much as you can. At Songoroo, we’ve been trying this from the beginning. As an interactive in-store radio extension, we need licenses and legal music. No debate. However, our clients have no problems with that. We manage that for them.

For the legal broadcasting of an in-store radio or any other public music reproduction, a license from an authors’ protection association (e.g. SOZA in Slovakia, OSA in Czechia) is needed. Operating an Internet radio and distributing (albeit good) music without this collective license agreement for electronic music distribution (meaning the Internet, social networks and actually communication in general) with SOZA / OSA is illegal and punishable by law. In fact, the only legal music is singing in the shower. But even that is questionable if you are bad at singing 🙂


The streaming of each tailored program is distributed in a digital package set and offered by Songoroo. The prices depend on the size and construction complexity of the individual establishments. Our playlists are diverse and over time the portfolio expands, so that our customers and their customers will not suffer from playing the same songs over and over again. By allowing people to vote for their favorite songs in the Songoroo app when they enter your business, you have a unique opportunity to find out their musical tastes and preferences. This gives you the chance to set up your marketing and communication to the customer tailored to your situation and based on the data obtained from Songoroo.

In addition, for managers and businesses, it is a great space for advertising. Subtle own jingle, spot for your brand or your new products in your businesses or simple advertisements. At present, Songoroo is already in approximately 130 businesses in Slovakia, including Tatra Banka, Domino‘s Pizza, Urban Bistro in Bratislava and McDonald’s restaurants. You have something to look forward to.


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