McDonald’s and Songoroo – We want to sell the atmosphere

The McDonald's brand is no longer just a place for good food and burgers. Brand brings with it innovation, quality and, most importantly, a good atmosphere. We talked to the manager Anton Novotný about how Songoroo helps them with this.

How was McDonald´s before you discovered Songoroo? How did you manage music in your restaurants?

Music was and still is a part of our restaurants, we´ve had it for a long time. When we came to market, the offer was not so great. We used Internet radio, which was an advantage at that time. The songs were without commercials and genre mixed. The competition used online radios. It was ok, but time is moving forward and things are evolving. As we were moving, we began to look for innovative solutions. Coincidentally, at one congress we met the management of Songoroo and found that this is exactly what we are looking for. Now just apply it in real life.

Songoroo is an interactive music system for businesses. What were your beginnings? 

We decided to test for 2 months. The installation is simple and it was very fast and efficient also in our restaurants. The only hurdle we had to overcome was the room fragmentation of the restaurants, where the signal had to reach all corners. However, we received the IBeacons from Songoroo and the problem was solved. People even liked the design so much that they took it from us 🙂

On the picture: Anton Novotný and Zoltán Vida. Source: McDonald’s archives


You were among Songoroo’s first customers. What feedback do you have from people and employees so far? 

It’s great for employees. They used to suffer because the playlists kept playing the same thing again and again. If someone has a shift of 8 hours, I understand that it can get on your nerves. Songoroo has the advantage of never playing the same songs in the same order. The staff really acknowledged this and were the first to download the application and start testing it.

The atmosphere in McDonald’s is the most important thing correct? 

It is true that we have several target groups of guests. Of course, a large group are young people and students who no longer come to us to only eat, but also to do their tasks or work on laptops in peace. A pleasant environment supported by pleasant music that they can choose for themselves is a great added value that completes this atmosphere. On the other hand, over lunch there are adults, entrepreneurs who have meetings. Choosing more intimate music with the right volume is again a priority in this case.

How do you create a music playlist? 

We have a database directly from Songoroo. The customers can always choose the playlist created  specifically for a certain type of business, e.g. Bank or Restaurant. The songs are added regularly and if we would like to change or add something, we simply contact Songoroo. As it is now the Christmas season, we have already included Christmas songs. This is how we create a Christmas atmosphere together in a subtle way. We are really trying to sell the atmosphere. So that people leave satisfied. Not only well fed but also rested and relaxed. To perceive the background music that they can choose themselves after all. You need to work with music.

Another great thing is that if we need, we can get the statistics on customers´ music requirements and preferences on request from Songoroo. In the future, we will get access to our own Songoroo admin, where we will be able to manage it ourselves. However, this functionality is still being worked on.

What are the 3 main benefits for you of having Songoroo in your restaurants? 

First of all, it is a unique playlist in each restaurant. We actually play songs on request, for any target group of guests. Secondly, it is easy to install and use. We have Songoroo on 24/7. But I consider the biggest advantage to be increased productivity and joy at work. I even experimented and added music to our kitchen. There is a lot of communication, shouting orders from one to another and all needs to be in sync. We’ve never had music there before. Now, with Songoroo, I saw for the first time they stamped their feet to the rhythm and smiled. This is very important to me. Satisfied staff and satisfied guests.

Thank you for talking with us

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