Jukebox is dead, long live Songoroo!

Older generations certainly remember when, with the fall of communism, innovations in various fields came to Slovakia. One of the many was the jukebox, which until then we could only see in American movies. Pubs offering the customers the opportunity to play their favourite songs grew like mushrooms after the rain. However, the range of songs in the jukebox was very limited and the database was updated very sporadically. The shortcomings of this music solution surfaced relatively quickly.

The disadvantages of the jukebox

Almost everyone who was in an establishment where a jukebox was installed, experienced a situation where one person filled the playlist with his/her songs, which did not necessarily suit the nature of the pub and the musical preferences of the others. The business owner often had just one option to fix this: to shut down the machine. There were situations where one person determined what everybody would listen to the whole evening, without the possibility for the rest to be able to express themselves and influence the choice of music. Later, jukebox solutions were modified so that it was possible to “top” songs and change the playlist, but it was still a battle of individuals and not a musical consensus of the entire audience. And so it happened that many people developed an aversion to the jukebox, which led to a gradual decline in interest in this musical solution.

The Arrival of the Internet

The original idea of the jukebox, to allow people to play their favorite song, is still very much relevant. With the rise of high-speed Internet and the arrival of streaming services, the problem with the limited song database has been eliminated. All that remained was to ensure, that the establishment and its visitors don´t get used to a passive playlist that they cannot influence, as is the case today with standard terrestrial or Internet radios, but that all customers who would be interested, staff and the business owner actively choose what to listen to. This “need” is the basic building block and differentiator of the Songoroo music solution from other music solutions for commercial use.

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How Songoroo changed the game

Songoroo does what no music service before has done, i.e. accommodate the request of the individual, mixing it with the musical preferences of others present at at the same time. You can read about the details of how Songoroo can ensure, that the musical background will suit the vast majority of people who are interested in creating a musical background, on our website.

The trend of providing tailored services to customers is still on the rise and is gradually becoming a necessary standard in various fields. Many businesses pay attention to the interior – they cooperate with architects or designers, because they want their customers to feel pleasant and comfortable. However, the atmosphere of a restaurant, pub or shop is also completed by the staff, the quality of service and, last but not least, the music. That’s why it’s good not to leave anything to chance and choose a professional solution that will musically distinguish your business from others and make it a place where customers like to return.

Try Songoroo easily for free

The transition from a passive to an interactive solution is a matter of a few minutes spent on our web site. You can try the solution for free for 14 days without any obligation of entering payment card details. Testing the Songoroo service also does not require any extra equipment and the service is active immediately after registration.

Register with Songoroo today by clicking the link and offer your customers the opportunity to become an active contributor to the atmosphere in your business.

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