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Songoroo streamer setup

Provided you ordered a Songoroo streamer during the registration process, it will be delivered to the address of specific location within a few days following the end of trial period. Since the streaming devices are pre-programmed for a specific location, it is important to install the device in the location for which it was intended.

The installation of the streaming device is very straightforward. Please do follow these few steps to make the install:

  1. Unpack the device and other components such as the power supply and data cable from the box,
  2. Connect your streaming device to the Internet, using data cable from the box  or your own,
  3. Connect the audio system to the streaming device,
  4. Plug in the streaming device and wait 5-10 minutes for the device to initialise and start playing music automatically.

If the streamer does not start playing music automatically after 10 minutes, please contact our Technical Support Team on or send us the support request here