How to ban a particular song or artist

You have the option to ban a specific song or a whole portfolio of one particular artist. However, this is possible only in locations under Songoroo Premium subscription plan. To enable this functionality, you need to upgrade Songoroo subscription plan from Basic to Premium (in Basic plan this option will not appear in your Client Zone).

To ban a song or artist, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Songoroo account,
  • Go to the section Venues > App Features Setup and select in the drop down menu in the top right corner the location, in which you want to ban a song/ an artist,
  • In the Songoroo App Features screen of the respective location, search for song(s)/artist(s) you want to ban,
  • Click “Set As Banned” button to save the change.

In case the search engine does not show the song/artist you want to exclude from your playlist, please note that this particular song/artist is no longer in the Songoroo database.

Each banned song or artist can be returned back to location’s playlist by clicking on the “Add Back to Playlist” button next to the banned song/artist.