New look of the Songoroo app

What will the Songoroo app look like and what news can you expect?

Song for a friend

Romantic or not, Songoroo will give you an option to dedicate a song of your choice to a friend or even to yourself. This icon will become your favorite.

Song search

We like simplicity. You can easily search for licensed music and all your favorite songs and add them to a playlist. If you want to hear it as soon as possible, simply vote for it or add it to your Favourites.

Your personal and music profile

The more information you decide to share with us, the more you help us to add your favorite music to our playlists. Your music profile will allow us to get to know you better and, based on that, we will add the music to the playlist in the given location.

My favourite songs

Algorithms rule the world, and world of Songoroo is not different. You will mark your favorite songs with our new heart icon, and with that you give a song a much better chance that it will be added to our playlist.

“Not my taste” songs

Songoroo was created to give you the opportunity to feel good and comfortable. Whether you sit in a bank as an employee for 8 hours and don’t want to listen to radio songs over and over again. Or you are a customer who prefers to leave the store without buying anything if loud heavy metal is played. Use this icon to let us know that you do not want to listen to this song.

Voting for songs

Simple tool to vote for songs selected for the playlist by our algorithm. With this, you will influence the playlist and the sequence of the songs on it.


Having a bad day? – using boost will help you to change it. Boost will move your favourite song to the top of the list and you can listen to it in just a few moments! However, the icon is only active if you are directly in a Songoroo location.

New things are coming soon!

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